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     ”Consulting Criminal… I like that job description..

"I figured this would interest you."

am I the only one that gets confused by asian names? especially when some western pages write it in the westen way(name surname), and other’s in the asian order(surname name). 

It’s confusing to the uninitiated. Name order tends to vary by culture and language. I had to ask a native Korean speaker as to what order Choe’s name is in, heh. This gets easier with practice. It’s Last name, First name in Japanese. I’ve also seen Japanese speakers write western/foreign names as: firstname ・lastname in katakana too, augh. 



Here I am.. love me…!

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     ”Choe Gu Sung~" the name said.. no more sung like a rhyme for children, a smile drawn over his lips as he looked at the hacker, chuckling and even forgetting the book in his hands.

     ”You are late.." there was still a smile on his lips, his voice just a nuance colder than before.

     ”You didn’t forget me.. right?

Gu Sung plucked the glasses from the bridge of his nose as he arrived; not  at all delaying his response to Makishima. “Many apologies. I was kept back longer than expected.”

The inquiry earns a faint smirk as he steps forward, holding out an item wrapped in plain brown paper. “How could I possibly forget…?”

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I’d like to start RPing on this character again but I know plotting can be an arse pain so how bout this:

Like this post and I’ll write up a starter for us to work from. ))


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(( I did hear the English Psycho Pass dub. Makishimas VA is nothing extraordinary, which is immensely disappointing. Ginoza’s VA makes my ears weep blood. ))