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(( Hn. I wanna place a layout here since I’m starting to learn that, but the trouble is finding one that looks good and is something I can read without fumbling for my tablet and knocking everything back into mobile so I can read. ))


Watching the Psycho-pass re-edit and felt like taking a moment to appreciate this large arowana that Choe Gu-sung has in his lair.


 ( choe-gyuseong)

"Perhaps you can kindly come here and make me."


Apparently Lifesize!Makishima gets all the on-sight harassment attention he deserves.

The person who took these photos (x) even commented a) his holy area is frighteningly flat and that b) she couldn’t take her eyes off his prominent ass. *cough* 

And because I am horrible, I’m sharing these here. :D 


Psycho-Pass & Scenery 1/2
Choe listens best ass first.

Choe listens best ass first.



      "What a boring, miserable, world.”

( It seems like he’s getting restless—it’d benefit him to stick around. )



Send an “Ѡ” for my muse’s reaction to being sent accidental nudes.

[Text]: I think you got the wrong number there, pal.

[Text]: That’s the point.