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 ( choe-gyuseong)

"Perhaps you can kindly come here and make me."


Apparently Lifesize!Makishima gets all the on-sight harassment attention he deserves.

The person who took these photos (x) even commented a) his holy area is frighteningly flat and that b) she couldn’t take her eyes off his prominent ass. *cough* 

And because I am horrible, I’m sharing these here. :D 


Psycho-Pass & Scenery 1/2
Choe listens best ass first.

Choe listens best ass first.



      "What a boring, miserable, world.”

( It seems like he’s getting restless—it’d benefit him to stick around. )



Send an “Ѡ” for my muse’s reaction to being sent accidental nudes.

[Text]: I think you got the wrong number there, pal.

[Text]: That’s the point. 



     ”Consulting Criminal… I like that job description..

"I figured this would interest you."

am I the only one that gets confused by asian names? especially when some western pages write it in the westen way(name surname), and other’s in the asian order(surname name). 

It’s confusing to the uninitiated. Name order tends to vary by culture and language. I had to ask a native Korean speaker as to what order Choe’s name is in, heh. This gets easier with practice. It’s Last name, First name in Japanese. I’ve also seen Japanese speakers write western/foreign names as: firstname ・lastname in katakana too, augh. 



Here I am.. love me…!

(づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ