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PSYCHO-PASS in Newtype


Now whenever I’m looking through usernames on my RP dashes, I’m like, “I’d like to buy a vowel, Pat.”



         Pale eyes narrowed at his comment “Well its not like you are on very good terms with me.”

“ What a shame. We’re not all that different, you and I. ”


“ How cruel, that glare you’re giving me… ”

psst feel free to like this post and i’ll attempt a starter

also feel free to ask for my skype

(( aaa I want to be active I swear, but I have nooo ideas for starters. it’s super frustrating. ))


Choe Gu-Sung & Makishima requested by archdutchess.



why did they add these stupid ass glasses in the new edit version they werent there in the original wt f

//I think the shades were in the original design…. how much you want to bet someone actually FORGOT TO ANIMATE. AHAHA.